D.C. Morning Show Host Mocks Nonsensical Inaugural Poetry

January 21st, 2009 1:49 PM

Yesterday was a historic day, for on January 20, 2009, listening to inaugural poet laureate Elizabeth Alexander's attempt at poetry, I actually missed Maya Angelou's attempt at the same 16 years earlier.

Yes, it was that bad, and if you watched the inauguration, you know it, as does every liberal journalist who heard it as well.

So while liberal comedians like Chris Rock lament that they don't know how they can mock the "cool" new president, I thought I'd share how morning talk show host Andy Parks at Washington's WMAL Radio mocked Alexander's poem by writing up and delivering a nonsensical one of his own (audio available here):

Washington Monument
grew there
on french toast

Storm drains overflowing with mayonnaise
and barbed wire

Payton Manning

Just some of the things important
to my 

Uncle Sarah

bless me