Economy Faces 'Body Blow' While Exxon Sees 'Monster Profits'

The mainstream media are hard at work ginning up economic fears and class envy storylines. One need only look at and two articles teased on the front page to get how the media are making the economy a melodrama scripted in favor of liberal Democratic talking points:

Granted, that is far more subtle than other economic coverage we've noted at NewsBusters, but the media have a clear interest in furthering news items that fit into liberal Democratic talking points about the economy and the ever-so-evil oil companies.

Indeed, the "monster profit" item is sure to be a soundbite suitable to the John Edwards wing of the Democratic Party, and as we at NewsBusters have noted, the media have gone out of their way to pour praise upon the class warrior's failed candidacy.

Update (13:10): The picture shown above is from a screen grab shortly after 1 p.m. EST and hence after this item was written. It appears the editors at are aiming to make this story front and center, whereas when I posted this blog entry, the headlines were in smaller type in a list of top headlines.

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