Morning Show Montage: How They Teased 'Comeback Kid' Stories

January 9th, 2008 11:33 AM

The Clinton and McCain victories in New Hampshire were topic A on the network morning shows today, so I thought we'd compile a montage video of the teases that the "Early Show," "Good Morning America," and "Today" ran.

Video (1:40): Windows Media (3.29 MB) and MP3 audio (475 kB).

Some samples:

Harry Smith: "Breaking news overnight: Hillary Clinton defies all predictions and wins New Hampshire. A stunning victory.... How did she up-end Barack Obama? And at 71, John McCain surges from his summer slump as comeback kid for Republicans as record numbers turn out for the vote. Both parties turned upside down. What drove the vote? It's the economy, stupid."

Diane Sawyer: "Breaking news this morning. The comeback kids.... A shocker in New Hampshire. Women roar in the polls to give HIllary Clinton a victory over Barack Obama. And John McCain is back."

Matt Lauer: "The comeback kids in a stunning upset. Hillary Clinton wins the New Hampshire Democratic primary over Barack Obama despite the polls that predicted a loss. And Republican John McCain pulls out a major victory as well months after his campaign was on the ropes. We'll talk to them both about a wide-open race for the White House today.