CBS Blogger Compares Teen Sex Vlog to 'Sex and the City', 'Golden Girls'

The "Midwest Teen Sex Show" -- a video blog that advises teens to use abstinence (the condom, not the practice) -- is being praised by a blogger at as "good for a laugh" while being informative.

"[T]he creativity and humor of these three young people really shines through," Irregularly Scheduled Programming (ISP) blog contributor Tony Maciulis enthused in his December 11 blog post. Elaborating on that point, Maciulis mused that "Sex and the City" was nothing more than a younger, urban spin on "The Golden Girls":

An adult would certainly find them entertaining. But would a child? And does the show provide enough real information to be considered educational? That's for parents to decide. Either way, the creativity and humor of these three young people really shines through.

On another note, consider this: "Sex and the City" is really "Golden Girls" with younger people living in New York City.

Just think about the four characters—a brain, an uninhibited one, a cynic, and an innocent. The city is as much a player in the story as the women themselves. Hello? Where have we heard this before?

Talk amongst yourselves.

In the infancy of the ISP blog, Maciulis joked that "anyone can surf the Web looking for things that are fun, provocative, or moronic" but that it "takes a real pro to figure out how to do it for a living." In an August 9, 2007 blog entry, he impishly promised ISP entries would be "short and sweet," a "kind of workday quickie. An afternoon delight."

The day before plugging the "Midwest Teen Sex Show," Maciulis brought to readers' attention a Web site with video of girls pole-dancing in subway cars:

I've ridden the N Train many times in the past 14 years, and I have experienced many unique sights and exotic fragrances, but this may just take the cake.

On a dare from a brand new Website, four young women bumped and grinded their way through a train car, S-Factor style. And, in the end, the efforts paid off. The women won a grand prize of $10,000. I must say, this was no amateur display. All four of them move like pros. Professional dancers, that it.

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