Fox News Follies: Shep Smith Ad Libs During Fire Alarm

Nothing biased here, just an amusing video to kick off your weekend. Yesterday shortly after 3:30 p.m. Eastern on "Studio B," Fox News anchor Shep Smith cracked up his guests and crew by joking about the all-too-frequent incidence of false fire alarms at Fox News Headquarters in New York.

Enjoy the YouTube video embedded below the fold.

When we move this program to the newsroom, I called it. First of all I said, the overhead pagers. 'Please return video tape 3134 to the playback center.' And then I said that fire alarm will go off. There's no fire! There's never a fire in here. But they go off, and in just a minute, some dude on like the 50th floor will come on, and he'll go, 'Hello, this is the fire warden. Nothing weird has happened. There is a lady stuck in the toilet on the 31st floor,' and the fire alarms will go off for three more hours...

(hat-tip BMI's Paul Detrick)

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