CBS's Mark Knoller fields wacky left-wing emails

CBS News's Mark Knoller yesterday took some time in the White House Booth over on to root through email and answer some questions. Most of the ones he featured were heavily skewed to the left, accusing the media of being too soft on the Bush administration.

I'm not sure how Knoller culled the email questions he answered, maybe it's just proof that CBS News's tiny remaining audience is liberally skewed and hungry for the bias that ole Gunga Dan used to feed them regularly.

Now, to give Knoller credit, he did fairly well handle the most outrageous railings of liberal emailers, refusing to echo their sentiments and factually address the questions presented, but he did lob this stinker in response to an emailer upset that the White House press corps never staged a walkout to protest faux journalist and Republican booster Jeff Gannon's access to the briefing room:

There are a number of reporters whose questions I find biased, but
that’s part of freedom of the press. As for staging a walkout: no one
would be happier to see reporters head out the door than White House
officials. We’re not at the White House to try to score political
points or protest. Our job is to report on White House actions and
policies so you - the public - can know what’s going on in your name
and at your expense.

This from a man who sits every day at the White House press briefing just a few rows behind the very vocal, and reportedly suicidal, anti-Bush/anti-Cheney columnist Helen Thomas.