Pot Calling Kettle Black; 'View's' Behar Mocks Bush 'Ahmadinejad' Gaffe

Joy Behar’s case of Bush Derangement Syndrome is so severe that she mocks them for what she herself it guilty of. It is no secret she hates the Bush administration to the point of calling them liars and murderers, comparing their former defense secretary to Hitler, applying a different standard to Bush than to Hillary Clinton, and even to the point of airing false charges on the administration. The December 5 edition of "The View" added some hypocrisy in her latest charge.

Joy Behar mocked President Bush because he "can not say [Iranian Leader] Ahmadinejad," and "he’s annoying because he can not." Behar should look to her own past. Just eight months ago, during Rosie O’Donnell’s rant against U.S. policy and the Iranian hostage crisis, Behar responded to Rosie and condemned Iran's leader.

"This guy Amanidajaja (sic), whatever his name is. He is a bad guy, he is a very bad guy. He stated explicitly he wants to wipe Israel off the map. This guy is a bad guy."

The short transcript of the December 5 conversation is below.

JOY BEHAR: You know President Bush can not say Ahmadinejad, can not say the-

BARBARA WALTERS: I was going to call him up after I watched that press conference, which was quite-

SHERRI SHEPHERD: You were going to call President Bush?

WALTERS: I was going to call President Bush up and say "Mr. President, you’re having a lot, a lot of trouble pronouncing Ahmadinejad, and let me tell you why we’re all pronouncing it so well. Because Miss Goldberg, a couple of weeks ago said all you have to think of is Ahmadinejacket." So every time you say Ahmadinejacket-

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Well, I have to tell you.

BEHAR: Call him and tell him because he’s annoying.

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