Heritage Health Care Expert: ObamaCare Just as Unsettled Matter Now as Before Supreme Court Ruling

“The wheels on this health-care law were already rickety and starting to fall off. I think that the Court's decisions are just going to make the wheels fall off that much faster.”

That was Heritage Foundation Center for Health Policy Studies director Nina Owcharenko's assessment of Thursday's Supreme Court ruling in the ObamaCare cases.

Owcharenko went on to make several points explaining what the ruling will mean for the states individually, which people will and will not be covered by ObamaCare and how the costs will effect Americans based on their income.

"Just because the Supreme Court has acted does not mean this is settled law, it is just as unsettled as before the court case," she argued.

Owcharenko also observed that the poorest of Americans will remain uninsured under ObamaCare's provisions. She also noted that:

•    Because states will now have the option not to expand their Medicaid program and won’t lose their existing Medicaid funding many states may just decide that it’s not worth the effort

•    The states will e in "no rush to make any decisions on what to do with this health-care law until well after November" when Americans choose whether to return Obama to the Oval Office or elect his Republican challenger, who has promised to push a repeal of ObamaCare

•    Finally, just because the Supreme Court has acted "does not mean this is settled law." In fact, "it is just as unsettled as before the court case."