ABC's Barbara Walters to Michelle Obama: 'Will Racism be a Part of This Campaign?'

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of The View, First Lady Michelle Obama was greeted with a liberal talking point from program host Barbara Walters.  The first lady, who was on the program promoting her new book on healthy eating, was immediately asked by Walters about the impact of being the first black first family in the White House will have on the upcoming election.

Walters decided that injecting race into the conversation up front is best, as this has become a typical liberal talking point of late.  She asked Mrs. Obama, “Do you think, in this campaign, which is getting fairly ugly, that racism is still going to be a part of it?” 

For her part, the first lady gave a diplomatic answer and didn’t fall into the liberal game Walters was trying to play.  Walters then went on to ask Mrs. Obama the question again after she failed to give an appropriate answer.

Walters, like others in the liberal media have consistently tried to weave a narrative of electoral racism as a convenient excuse for opposition to President Obama's reelection, using this tactic to minimize the serious criticisms millions of Americans have with President Obama on his political ideology, his policies, and his performance as president.

The View
May 29, 2012
11:20 a.m. EDT

BARBARA WALTERS: You are also in a special position, and we've talked about this before because your husband is our first black president. You are our first black first lady. Do you think, in this campaign, which is getting fairly ugly, that racism is still going to be a part of it?

MICHELLE OBAMA:  Yeah. I think people -- you know, want to know that we live in a country where there's fairness and equity, where people have a fair shot. You know, where kids like myself who grew up with parents that didn't go to college. Didn't have all the opportunities. Went to public schools that we all have an opportunity to succeed. And I think people are focused on that. For me, I know that I'm focused on the world that I want to leave for my kids.

WALTERS: But do you think that racism is going to play a part in this campaign?

OBAMA: You know, racism is still an issue in this country. But I'll tell you right now, Barack Obama is President of the United States. And he's done a phenomenal job.  And this country -- this country put him in office.

JOY BEHAR: And they will again.

OBAMA: Exactly. Absolutely.

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