Oscars 2011: Which Cause Will Inspire the Most Obnoxious Political Statements?

Well it’s that time of year when all of the rich leftists in Hollywood get out their $40,000 dollar gowns, put on their millions in jewelry, climb into their limos, and head up to the Kodak Theater to pat themselves on the back for being working class heroes. I couldn’t care less about which picture or actor gets a trophy, I just love listening to the political correctness and monumental hubris on display for the world to see.

In the past I have tried to guess the Oscar winners by trying to decide which films best fit into the current liberal Hollywood zeitgeist. My favorite nomination this year is the truly mediocre “The Kid’s are Alright.” It’s about a lesbian couple’s kids who seek their biological father and realize the moms make better dads! If this movie had ended with the one woman admitting she digs guys and leaving her lesbian partner, do you think it would have been nominated?

This year I have decided to add my own category. The category is: Which liberal cause will come up most often during the evening. And the nominees are:

Republicans Destroying Unions:  Starring: The State of Wisconsin, Screenplay by John Trumka and Mitch Stewart.  I predict that at least three people will mention how they stand in solidarity with the government workers in Wisconsin, and around the world. Forget the fact that the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA, the two largest performer’s unions, don’t allow their “poorer” members access to the union health care plan or pension at any price. Multimillionaire union actors will stand with their brothers and sisters who are being asked to fork over a few bucks for their lavish benefit packages. As we already know, SAG has been drumbeating for the folks protesting in Wisconsin already! I love how my unions spend my money on causes with which I don’t agree, but I’m getting off the subject.

Revolutions are Us: Starring: Countries throughout Africa and the Middle East, Screenplay by Google and The Muslin Brotherhood from an original work by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I’m sure someone will mention how great all the revolutions are in Africa and the Middle East. Forget the fact that the first people who an Islamic government will line up against a wall are Jews, homosexuals and artists.  

We’re Still Here: Starring: Whoopi Goldberg.  The Whoopster made a lot of noise on The View about not being mentioned in a New York Times article about the lack of Black nominees this year. Please note she wasn’t upset about the lack of Black nominees but that she wasn’t mentioned as an Oscar winner. Maybe Ms. Goldberg has made so many turkeys since Ghost in 1990 that the writer was trying to be nice to her by not reminding people that at one time Whoopi was considered a serious actress.

One could make the case that winning an Oscar is a bad career move for an actor or actress of color. In addition to Ms. Goldberg the careers of Jamie Foxx, Cuba Gooding Jr. Louis Gossett Jr., Jennifer Hudson, and Halle Berry have certainly not been on the upswing lately. Even the great Sidney Poitier was never recognized again after winning in 1963. To be fair to the Academy, most of his movies after 1967 were very forgettable.

I know people will be critical of me so let me state for the record that I don’t say Mr. Poitier or Ms. Goldberg shouldn’t have taken any of the less than stellar roles they were offered. Trust me, if they make “Sister Act VII” or “They Call Me Mr. Tibbs 4” and offer me the most minor roll, I would jump on it like Bob Goldthwaite jumped on “Hot to Trot!”  Hey you gotta pay the bills and make the minimum to get your union health care.

The real minority in Hollywood that gets ignored every year are conservative actors, directors and producers. Are any conservative actors, directors or producers up for an award this year?

Who do we see about that?

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