Rush Points Out Glaring Omission in Clinton Campaign Emails Released by WikiLeaks

October 11th, 2016 8:06 PM

Nearly all the attention toward WikiLeaks' release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign has focused on what's contained in the correspondence. It's what is conspicuously absent from them that is also worthy of scrutiny.

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh demonstrated one of the reasons he continues to draw the biggest audience in the industry -- by pointing out something no one else apparently noticed that, in hindsight, appears obvious.

After talking about the Clinton campaign enlisting chief global warming bedwetter Al Gore in a Hail Mary pass at appealing to millennials, Limbaugh made this observation about the latest WikiLeaks data dump -- 

Say, speaking of global warming and climate change, you know in all these emails that WikiLeaks is dumping, I haven't found any on climate change. We got emails from Hillary to her campaign staff and her campaign staff to Hillary, we have emails from donors, we've got thousands and thousands of emails here that have been leaked and dumped, and I can't find any reference to climate change.

Now, the reason I find that fascinating 'cause it's their number one issue. You know, Obama's out there saying it's the number one national security threat and he's got his Joint Chiefs of Staff out there planning American battles, military engagements on that basis, we are forward planning and strategic on what the planet will look like with climate change as we decide to go into various areas of the world if we have to. I mean, I know it's absurd but they're out saying so. And Hillary, big, big deal about climate change and yet I can't find them talking about it. I can find them strategizing about any number of things in these WikiLeaks email dumps, but there's not a thread on climate change whatsoever. Now why is that?

I mean, if climate change were that big a deal to these people, don't you think they'd be talking about it internally? Strategizing, how to use it, how to promote it, how to use it as a campaign aid. I can't find any reference to it. And I'm not surprised by it. The whole thing is bogus and made up, designed like they always do to scare you.

If the true measure of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching, candor about climate change is what politicians actually state about it -- or in this case, don't -- in messages to each other they never expect to be made public.

Expect an equally egregious absence on reporting about this lie of omission in all but conservative media.