Ed Schultz is Huge Fan of Polls - Except When it Comes to Keystone Pipeline

May 8th, 2014 6:07 AM

Whenever I watch the live-action cartoon on MSNBC known as "The Ed Show," I particularly enjoy its most comical element, Schultz's nightly polling of his almost entirely like minded viewers to determine whether they agree with him.

On Wednesday, for example, the poll question was this -- "Will Washington ever quit pushing bad trade agreements and start protecting American jobs?" The results were hugely lopsided, as they almost always are -- 89 percent said no, compared to a meager 9 percent saying yes. You half-expect a third choice -- "hell no!" -- in keeping with Schultz's ongoing challenges at anger management. (Audio clips after the jump)

But lo and behold, polls have appeared that Schultz is not happy about in the least, and therefore they cannot be taken seriously. Schultz complained on his radio show Tuesday about polling that shows strong public support for construction of the Keystone pipeline and a possible deal in Congress linking the pipeline and a higher federal minimum wage. Suddenly the will of the people becomes all too suspect in Schultz's eyes (audio) --

So what we're seeing unfold here is conversation breaking out that there might be a deal. I am alerting you today, if you listen to this radio show and watch "The Ed Show" and I appreciate it very much, my position, what deal? What deal? Why do we have to deal? Why can't anything stand on its own merits anymore? Have we gotten to the point, well, yes we have. Here's what's happening -- the conservative narrative now is, well, we'll consider minimum wage if you give us the Keystone XL pipeline, which is, the majority of Americans want it anyway. Notice how all these conservatives are out there, and I'm talking about Republicans in Congress, talking about how the people want this. Shut up! The people wanted background checks at 90 percent, you never gave it a look. The people want minimum wage and now all you want to do is deal on it. What you and I want as Americans, as taxpayers, who support their vacations, their pension and their health care and their salary, what we need, what we want sometimes doesn't flat out matter. So it now goes to hostage taking and I'm troubled that the Democrats would think that the American people should get the Keystone XL pipeline just because the majority of Americans want it.

This from a man who all of one sentence earlier was lamenting "what we want sometimes doesn't flat out matter." But because Schultz doesn't want the pipeline, now it's the majority will of the American people that flat out doesn't matter. Try to avoid muscle strain with the back flips, Ed, seeing how they've become rather strenuous.

What's genuinely troubling is when a possible deal in Congress along these lines is compared to "hostage taking." Then again, take that term out of liberals' lexicon, along with "gun to the head," another perennial favorite, and they'd abruptly have much less to say.

All of which to expect from a man who claims that "eminent nobain" is one of the most important issues pertaining to Keystone.