Ed Schultz on GOP Foreign Policy: 'We Gotta Show Everybody We Got a Hard On!'

Less than three months into 2014 and leftist loose-cannon Ed Schultz may have already provided the year's best example of projection in media. It's too much to expect Schultz to comprehend that criticism he directs at Republicans applies more accurately to himself.

On his radio show Monday, Schultz lashed out at Republicans for daring to second-guess President Obama for his handling of the crisis in Ukraine, even though Schultz never hesitated to condemn Obama's predecessor as commander in chief on a daily basis while we were fighting wars in two countries. That was back when dissent was patriotic. (Audio after the jump)

Here's what Schultz said in response to remarks by GOP Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan (audio) --

SCHULTZ: I mentioned on this program a week ago that we would be talking about sending arms to the Ukraine. Well, I missed it by a day. It all unfolded yesterday. This is Mike Rogers, who is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. He says we ought to arm the Ukrainian people 'cause Putin's sittin' on the border.

ROGERS: There are things that we can do that I think we're not doing. I don't think the rhetoric matches the reality on the ground ...

SCHULTZ (interrupting): Wha-, wha-, what rhetoric is he talking about? This is, this is what divides America -- it's all Obama's fault. The rhetoric on the, what is the rhetoric? The president has said there's going to be consequences. The consequences have come in two forms of sanctions and diplomacy. See, the Republicans want everything instant. They have this push-button mentality when it comes to foreign policy, that if you carry a big stick there's no ramifications, we'll just get into this thing, we'll kick Putin's ass and don't worry about anything. This is where they are. And I think that this sound bite (referring to Rogers' remarks), I'm sorry I interrupted, but it just infuriates me. After all we've been through! After everything we have done with Iraq, Afghanistan, the longest war in American history in our lifetime, $17 trillion of debt -- hell, that don't matter! We gotta show everybody we got a hard on! It's all about testosterone! It's about the great U S of A can kick anybody's ass! It just amazes me. The bottom line is, Republican Party hasn't learned anything. They have, they haven't, they don't believe in diplomacy.

This from a red-faced, bellicose, buffoonish cartoon of a man who begins every action-filled episode of "The Ed Show" with the macho command, "Let's get to work!," whose theme music on MSNBC sounds what you hear in a James Bond flick during a high-speed chase, who bellows that Republicans "want to see you dead!" and "make money from your dead corpse!", who fantasizes about Dick Cheney's heart getting ripped from his body and maligns Laura Ingraham as a "talk slut" for daring speak unkindly of Dear Leader -- we're expected to believe that Schultz epitomizes diplomacy, are we?

If anyone slathers himself in testosterone to compensate for whatever bottomless voids need filling, it's Schultz.

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