Radio Libs Tout Famed Author's Disdain for Conservatives as 'Stupid' -- Unaware That He Died Years Ago

Don't you love it when liberals ridicule conservatives as idiots while said liberals do something idiotic? Yeah, watching this is one of my favorite hobbies too, one that guarantees an endless stream of amusing fodder.

Latest example comes by way of Bill Press's radio show yesterday. Press, a former California Democratic Party chief and co-host of an earlier iteration of the cable show "Crossfire," was listening to his producer, Peter Ogburn, run through a daily news brief when this exchange could be heard (audio) --

OGBURN: Frank McCourt, the author Frank McCourt, you're familiar, right?

PRESS: Why is your face red?

OGBURN: I can't segue from this (alluding to preceding conversation about Google Glass and sex).  Author Frank McCourt, it turns out, he not only is a great author, he has a wonderful sense of politics. If you call his home phone, his answering machine has a very unique phone message. It just says, 'And remember, while all conservatives are not stupid, all stupid people are conservative.' That's his voice mail.

PRESS SIDEKICK LISA MURPHY: That's great! (all three laugh)

OGBURN: I love that, I love that.

PRESS: "Angela's Ashes," yes, Frank McCourt. (Press referring to McCourt's best-selling memoir of his impoverished childhood in Ireland).

More accurately, McCourt was a great author and had a wonderful sense of politics -- until he died in 2009. Needless to say, anyone leaving him a phone message won't receive a call back anytime soon, at least not in this mortal realm.

It's probably too much to expect for Press or either of his underlings to recognize the quote as originally coming from British philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill.

No sooner had this scintillating patter concluded that Press complained about conservatives criticizing Texas state senator Wendy Davis. He then said this about Republicans in the Lone Star State (audio) --

Let's be honest, for a Republican to be elected governor of Texas is sort of like, I got the same chance to fly to the moon without a spacesuit or without a spaceship, you know what I mean? It's, it's, it's, it's tough.

Tell that to the incumbent -- a Republican named Rick Perry. Or to his predecessor, another GOPer who goes by the name of George W. Bush. Somewhere, Frank McCourt does not appreciate having his phone message denigrated in this manner.

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