Beckel: Moderate Muslims are 'Cowards' for Tolerating Islamist Atrocities

Democratic strategist Bob Beckel is often pigeonholed as a token liberal on FOX's late afternoon show "The Five," but yesterday made it emphatically clear that he's no useful idiot for jihadists.

Angered by horrific violence against shoppers at a mall in Nairobi and churchgoers in Pakistan, Beckel lashed out at "moderate Muslims" as "cowards" for not confronting extremist militants among them. (Video after the jump)

Beckel's remarks came after "The Five" colleague Greg Gutfeld asked if it's nothing more than sheer luck that has spared Americans from being attacked by radical Islamists in shopping malls. Co-host Eric Bolling, alluding to the Obama administration's lunacy of designating the Fort Hood massacre as "workplace violence," pointed out that future instances of terrorism in the US might again be whitewashed as anything but.

An angry and emotional Beckel made it abundantly clear where he stands  --

They are not the religion of peace. They are the religion of Islamic funda-, listen, the people who are supposedly peaceful, you moderate Muslims out there, now listen, I know I've been on this thing for a long time, but the time has come for you to stand up and say something. And I will repeat what I said before -- no Muslim students coming here with visas, no more mosques being built here until you stand up and denounce what's happened in the name of your Prophet. It is not what your Prophet meant, as soon as I know. I don't know what his mother's name is, I don't care! (An allusion to the attackers at Kenyan mall asking shoppers for the name of Muhammad's mother, to separate believers from infidels).

The point is that the time has come for Muslims in this country and for other people around the world to stand up and be counted and if you can't, you're cowards!

Beckel's fiery remarks came after commentary by Gutfeld, praised by Bolling as "fantastic," in which he said "the zealots of Islam seek to prove the existence of heaven by creating a hell here on earth."

If only Kenyan authorities had deemed the mall in Nairobi a gun-free zone -- that would have deterred the Islamists.

(h/t, Boston Herald columnist Jeff Katz)

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