Ed Schultz Buys Canadian Fishing Lodge in 2010 and Now Slams Romney - For Investing Abroad

Ed Schultz says it's unpatriotic that Mitt Romney invested some of his money outside the U.S. Much as Schultz did with some of his money two years ago.

Here's a clip of Schultz on his radio show yesterday braying about Romney's investments abroad (audio) --

SCHULTZ: It's not, is it unpatriotic to have a Swiss bank account? The question is, is it the patriotic thing to do? Is it patriotic to put your money offshore? How would he answer that -- it doesn't matter? How could he say, yes it is, yes it's the patriotic thing to do? It simply isn't.

Then by Schultz's own reckoning he's unpatriotic for buying a fishing lodge in the wilds of Canada when he could have invested that money in the United States and helped Americans instead. Here he is on his radio show in April 2010 boasting of how he'd become an "international businessman" (audio) --

Now, here's a good socialist story for you. My wife and I have purchased, I love to fish, I've fished all my life, I love it. And we have been going to Thunderbird Lodge in Manitoba since we been married and we love this place. I love it because I can fly my 210 into the airstrip right behind the lodge. It's got a 3,500-foot strip, gravel strip, right behind the lodge on Wrong Lake in Manitoba. And it was just easily accessible, I don't have to get in a float plane. It's exclusive on the lake, it's been a lodge for years, it was built by the natives back in 1975 for economic development and then it changed hands over the years, it's had a number of owners.

And the owner passed away about three years ago and it sat there and I approached the family and this winter, Wendy and I got it for a song. And we're excited about it and I love to fish and so that's what I'm doing.

But anyway, I guess we all have to have our castles, don't we, since we don't make any money, Glenn (Beck). But anyway, so yes, no, it will, it'll take the Cheyenne, it'll take the 206, and we're going to, we've commercialized. I am now an international businessman. I have incorporated in Canada.

Schultz loves it so much up north that he recently floated the idea about becoming a Canadian citizen. How patriotic indeed. Our friends to the north should consider themselves warned. But at least Schultz is enthusiastic about "economic development" -- in their country.

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