GOP Rep. Saying Obama 'Not An American' Labeled 'Treasonous' by Ed Schultz

This one is bizarre even for Ed Schultz.

First he condemns Republican congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado for saying President Obama is "not an American" and expressing doubts about Obama's citizenship. (audio clips after page break)

A short time later, Schultz was comparing Coffman to the Founders.

Just another day of classic incoherence from Ed Schultz.

Here is Schultz on his radio show yesterday playing a clip of Coffman's remarks, at first questioning whether they were "treasonous," then describing Coffman as having "guts" for saying them (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Now I don't know if this is left or right or blue or green or center or just treasonous! You make the call on this. This is Congressman Coffman in Elbert County, Colo., talking to constituents.

KYLE CLARK, REPORTER WITH NBC AFFILIATE IN DENVER: Seems the only thing he didn't want to talk about is what he said at a fundraiser in Elbert County May 12th.

COFFMAN:  I don't know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States or not. I don't know that. But I do know this, that in his heart he's not an American. He's just not an American.

SCHULTZ: He's not an American! In his heart! There is a Republican congressman out there who is going to take PAC money, who is going to take money from supporters across this country, because he said that. There will be people that fund his campaign because he had the guts to stand up and say that President Obama is not an American.

Minutes later, Schultz verged on meltdown over this (audio) --

And he says he misspoke?! He misspoke and he apologized. He won't say who he's apologizing to. But this is the kind of garbage that the Republicans, they're not, they're not, wait a minute, they're not right wingers, they're all of them! This, this is the Republican Party! You know, we don't have to qualify or dissect or break down or deviate or splinter away or tea party or, no! THIS is the FREAKIN' Republican Party! They are FULL of hate!

This from a man bellowing good will. Followed by Schultz concluding that, yes indeed, Coffman is guilty of treason ... Seize him! (audio) --

And the people of Colorado, did they know that he was this kind of person? That he would attack the commander in chief verbally? This is treasonous for him to say that he is not an American in his heart.

Schultz elaborated on why Coffman's remarks showed "guts," and then introduced former congressman and soulmate Alan Grayson, being sure to mention Grayson's website ... (audio) --

SCHULTZ: (Coffman's) at a town hall in a rural county in Colorado thinking that he's in safe haven. This is the only way they know how to raise money is to gin up these psychos out there. But let me just tell you something. This guy Mike Coffman, he's going to be a hero to the Republicans, because he had the guts to say it.

Former congressman Alan Grayson who is running in his district again which is redistricted and reshaped and everything else down in Florida, He know who these Republicans are. Alan, good to have you back on the program.

GRAYSON: Thanks, Ed. Great to be on your wonderful show.

Schultz proceeded to venture into risky territory for him, that of the analogy, after again playing Coffman's remarks (audio) --

SCHULTZ (initially parroting Coffman's comments): He's just not an American! But I do know that in his heart he's not an American, just a, that's revolutionary talk! That, that means, this is what, uh, the patriots, so to speak, said about the king before we had a revolution in this country. Seriously! If you go back.

CALLER: He would like, Coffman would like to see that we have one-party rule again, Republican only.

SCHULTZ (idiocy of previous remark settling in): He's no patriot, by the way.

Aside from being easily mistaken for a compliment, Schultz's comparison makes no sense. Any delegate to the Continental Congress forcefully declaring that "George the Third is no American!" would have been met with the blank stares that follow when someone states the obvious. (Dare I say it, Dr. Franklin, he's British!)

Turns out Schultz's bluster about Coffman was too over the top for prime time. Several hours later on "The Ed Show" last night, Schultz devoted two full segments to Coffman's criticism of Obama -- and wisely declined to fulminate about it as "treasonous." In fact, Schultz actually walked back from a far milder criticism of Coffman while talking with Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota (audio) --

Let me say this. In this broadcast right now, this segment on "The Ed Show" is a classic example. I should not have referred to the congressman from Colorado as a jughead. I should not have done that. But, you know, this is who I am. I'm passionate. You know, I love the country  and I get involved in the issues. But I'm not alone! This is what other Americans do. This is how other Americans respond when they hear people come up and say outlandish things about our president, our elected president, our legitimate president.

How big of you, Ed. If only you could tone it down where it counts. 

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