Sharpton Claims New Voter Drive By Group He Leads Will Be 'Non-Partisan'

More is the pity that he actually believes it.

Reputed man of the cloth and race-baiter nonpareil Al Sharpton has shown once again how he's the least credible person in media, claiming that a voter registration drive he'll oversee will be "non-partisan." (audio clip after page break)

Here's Sharpton making this dubious assertion on his radio show May 18 (audio) --

Now, I outlined it every day, I outlined it on the show last night on MSNBC. Let's remember now, five million people, five million, that's not a small number, five million people that could vote last time are in a position where they will be denied their right to vote. We are taking polls and not taking into account that a lot of people being polled will be stopped from voting in over 30 states if they do not have state photo ID. Rather than crying about it in November, we need to get out there now, turn this around where we can, or make the adjustments for people.

That is why I'm going on the road in June and dealing with this. And again, this is non-partisan. People that we help get registered and, or help adjust their ID or the states we help to change the ID, people can vote Republican, Democrat, independent. We are trying to protect the right to vote. But we are going to finance this ourselves with new members joining and that's where that is going to be committed to.

Gee, how could Republicans in waiting resist a pitch like that, especially coming from a man who only a day earlier fumed that the GOP has engaged in a "long history of fear and smear," who claimed earlier this month that Republicans declared a "war on black people," you said in January that Republicans are beholden to their "extreme white wing," and who has blamed those racist, warmongering, fear-spreading Republicans for high jobless rates among blacks.

Just the man you want handling voter registration forms filled out by Republicans, right? Nah, didn't think so.

In addition to registering new voters, the Sharpton-led National Action Network will recruit new members and push back against voter ID and stand your ground laws in nearly 20 states.

On Sharpton's "PoliticsNation" show Friday night on MSNBC, Sharpton described how GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, among then-President Clinton's fiercest critics during the Lewinsky scandal, offered abundant praise for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that day at a Washington symposium.

"Tonight, new signs that old wounds can heal," Sharpton said. "And we can all be friends." (link to video clip)

After showing footage of Graham's remarks, which ended with Graham and Clinton hugging, Sharpton said this --

See, it doesn't have to be ugly. It doesn't have to be personal. Let's get something done for the country. Let's not make it so personal we can't get along. In that spirit, I'm calling one of the people I fought with in public and let's go to dinner next week. Doesn't matter what name you called me, what name I called you. Let's show we can get along. Let's be bigger than that. Let's sit down and break bread together. Of course, you bring your credit card. You're paying.

There you have it -- "non-partisan" while leading voter drives and what passes for magnanimity toward opponents.

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