Run For Your Lives! Mike Malloy Sounds Alarm, 'Republicans Are Going to Murder All of Us'

This is what happens when left wingers ignore another left winger with a microphone -- pathology.

Mike Malloy, a man so beyond the pale that he was fired by comparatively sane moonbats at the now-defunct Air America Radio, has again shown he's probably beyond redemption. (audio clip after page break)

Listen to what Malloy said on his radio show yesterday while still baying at the moon for show trials of Bush-era hooligans (audio) --

Regarding Democrats that I will vote for, they are Democrats who, unlike Nancy Pelosi or people, I'm only, or Harry Reid, they would have held the war criminals responsible. Dick Cheney is out there floating around like a turd, like he always does, attacking the Obama administration on the most specious of grounds. There are all sorts of things you can say about the Obama administration, but Cheney, being the war-mongering son of a bitch that he is, I wish this guy would just suck in his last breath and leave this country alone. He is a clear, I'll use his term, a clear and present danger to everything American. Why television networks other than that filthy dunghole Fox, why networks put him on the air for anything is beyond me. He is a murderous war criminal and every single producer, every single interviewer understands that or they don't understand the laws of their own country. Oh, what am I saying? That's, could be either or, couldn't it?

But the Democrats I'm talking about are the people, unlike Obama, who will say, yeah, in order to move forward we have to clean up the mess that's behind us. And then start arresting these sons of bitches and putting them on trial. They have violated every single international law, they are war criminals! I'm talking about George Bush all the way down into the sewer where you find these scum that are now teaching at universities, like John Yoo. I'm talking about Democrats who will stop the cowardice crap and start governing the country in a manner that helps all of us. Not just the top one-tenth of one percent. Or one half of one percent. Or one percent! Or five! Or TEN! Then everybody has a chance!

I'm talking about Democrats who understand that we are facing extinction as a species unless we do something about global warming and about getting off fossil fuels. So, I'm not talking about just going to the poll and voting for somebody with a D behind his name. Or her name. I'm talking about Democrats. We have the platform, we have the ind-, the party structure, and we have men and women in this country who are capable of providing the kind of leadership/survival that we need now. The Republicans are going to murder all of us. They are going to kill you, Mr. Right Winger. They're going to cut your throat, Miss Conservative. I don't give a goddamn how far up your ass you stick your head, they are going to kill you! They are going to end your country.

There you have it -- Lee Harvey Oswald, had he lived.

Now you know why Maddow and Matthews, Michael Moore, Olbermann, the O'Donnells Rosie and Larry, and assorted other liberal malcontents never mention Malloy. Even by the anything-goes ethos of the hard left, he's an embarrassment.

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