Ed Schultz Wants Democrats to Purge Party - Starting Below the Waist

Senate Democrats who didn't vote for President Obama's jobs bill, consider yourself warned -- Ed Schultz is coming after you. More specifically, he's coming after part of you.

On his radio show Oct. 13, Schultz lashed out at senators Ben Nelson and Jon Tester for siding with Republicans against the legislation, helping ensure its defeat. (audio clips after page break)

In typically crude fashion, Schultz said it was time for Democrats to clean house (audio) --

Ben Nelson and Jon Tester did not do their part. And I would like to see Harry Reid ask them to leave the Democratic Party. It's gonad-cuttin' time is what it is. It's time now for the Democrats to play tough with their own people.

Why did Nelson and Tester break with Obama? Why else -- they're barely-closeted KKK, at least according to Schultz, as are many if not most of the people where they're from (audio) --

You know, maybe a black guy doesn't sell very well in Montana. Maybe a black guy doesn't sell very well in Nebraska. Give me a reason, Sen. Nelson, other than all it's going to do is raise taxes and spend money. No it's not! It's going to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and it's going to create jobs for those who are out of work! How in the world can you be against that?! Get out of the damn caucus! You're not a Democrat! And the same thing goes for you, Tester! This was a defining moment.

This from a man who wrote a book called "Straight Talk From the Heartland." Perhaps a future edition can include a chapter on Nelson and Tester titled "Hate Stalks From the Heartland."

Maybe a black guy doesn't sell very well in Fargo, for that matter, where Schultz worked for years as a radio host before coming to MSNBC. More accurately, maybe a black guy doesn't sell very well with Schultz unless the black guy is an unhinged liberal like Schultz.

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