Comrade Maddow Derides Huffington Post for Insufficient Ideological Fervor

Something tells me that future Huffington Post coverage of Rachel Maddow will be a tad less adulatory.

In a remark on her MSNBC show last night that has to be heard to be believed, Maddow mocked the influential liberal website for ... not being liberal. Seriously, Maddow really said this.

En route to this peculiar observation, Maddow criticized lack of media coverage of hostile constituents confronting Republican congressmen over a proposed GOP budget that would slash spending by $4 trillion in the next decade, cut the top corporate and personal tax rates, and overhaul Medicare.

Of those few media outlets covering the contentious public forums, Maddow said, not all are dutifully leeward --

You would not know that  this was happening all across the country if you just read the Beltway press or watched most cable TV right now. It's only thanks actually to liberal websites like Think Progress and Daily Kos and thanks to reporters like Jason Linkins at Huffington Post which used to be liberal but who knows anymore.

Maddow didn't elaborate, so it's anyone's guess what she was referring to. (Arianna Huffington's labor troubles come to mind as a possibility).

With Huffington Post not liberal enough for Maddow, where does that put her on the spectrum?

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