He Means You, Grandma - Ed Schultz Denigrates Elderly as 'the Almost Dead'

That's OK, he wasn't planning on any speaking gigs from AARP anyway.

As is his wont, libtalker Ed Schultz revealed his underlying opinion on a specific subject without even being aware he was doing it, this time on senior citizens.

Here's Schultz on his radio show yesterday with his warped take on elders, after initially referring to Republicans' proposed budget plan calling for broad spending cuts over the next decade (audio) --

The path that the Republicans are taking to achieve this is what we call in the media, what I've called in the media for a long time, a dead demographic story. What is a dead demographic story? A dead demographic story is it only affects them old folks! And them young folks ain't gonna be paying attention to it! The 18-to-34, the 25-to-49 crowd. Medicare? What the hell's that?! I'm trying to keep my job, man! What are you talking about?! That doesn't catch my attention! But it catches the attention of the almost dead!

Spoken like a true death panelist, Ed. So much for older Americans as a respected core constituency to liberals, at least not to this one.

Budget Radio Ed Schultz

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