Schultz Guest Eric Massa Lashes Out at Cheney's Disdain for Dems as Weak - Right Before Echoing It

A New Year's wish for Congressman Eric Massa, Democrat of New York -- please don't let any microphone or television camera pass unaccosted.

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" Dec. 30, an angry Massa vilified former vice president Dick Cheney for criticizing Obama's lawyerly approach to fighting al Qaeda and for espousing his belief the Republican Party "owns the high ground" on national security (video below the fold) --

SCHULTZ: ... former naval commander Eric Massa of New York, he joins me tonight. And you have to understand here, folks, the one thing the Republicans hate? They hate a Democrat who served successfully in the United States military. This is one of the reasons why this gentleman is going to be targeted by Republicans in 2010. Congressman, great to have you with us tonight. What's your response ...

MASSA: Good evening, Ed.

SCHULTZ (awkwardly): ... You bet, sir, great to have you on, happy new year. We're talking security as we roll into 2010.

MASSA: That's right.


SCHULTZ: What is your response to Dick Cheney and what should be, in your opinion, congressman, the proper Democratic response every time this guy starts shooting his mouth off about security?

MASSA: Ed, let me get right to the point, I don't want to mince any words. I am sick and tired of the former vice president of the United States taking shots not only at this administration for problems that he was largely and personally responsible for, but by an extension, at those of us who served in the military and bringing that experience, having everyone believe that somehow one political party, in his case the Republican Party, owns the high ground on national security.

This man suffers from a horrible case of political Tourette's and it's about time that we stand up and kick right back 'cause I'm sick and tired of him kicking us in our shins.We need to grow a spine and stand up and show America exactly who did what.

"We need to grow a spine," Massa implores fellow Democrats -- you know, just like Cheney says we do. That way, Democrats might eventually hold the high ground on national security. Until then, well, the growing years.

How about that warped reference to Cheney suffering "a horrible case of political Tourette's"? Anything like "political Alzheimer's", congressman?

As often occurs with Schultz, Massa has been laid low by voluntarily induced cognitive impairment -- a malady far more malign than Tourette's.

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