Kennedy's Gas Solution: Steal From The Rich Give To The Middle Class

April 23rd, 2006 5:12 PM
On Meet the Press this morning, Senator Edward Kennedy (D - MA) did not suggest or imply, but straight-out said that the government should take away oil companies' profits and hand it out to middle income families. Hmm, redistribution of wealth, what does that sound like? Socialism.

MR. RUSSERT: What are we going to do about $3-dollars-a-gallon gasoline?

SEN. KENNEDY: The president, the president should have called the head of the oil companies into the White House and started jawboning. He should have done that a week ago. Why he doesn’t do that, I do not understand. He ought to be pointing out that hard-working Americans, middle-class people, who have their sons and daughters in Iraq and in Afghanistan, that this is not a time for greed. And he ought to activate and call the Federal Trade Commission—which is basically a sleepy organization that has given an interim report in terms of price-fixing and gouging—he ought to get them off and have them working seven days a week, 24/7, to make sure that we know exactly who is price-gouging. And third, we ought to have a bipartisan effort to recapture, recapture these excessive profits that are going to the oil industry and return them to working families and middle-income families.

The new idea in the Democratic Party is to play the "troops card" in any situation because it will win the hearts of people instead of invoking true thought. That is exactly what Kennedy did in this situation. Shame on him.