'Brokeback' Banned from Mass. Prisons

April 9th, 2006 8:14 AM
Massachusetts prison officials were not happy at one officer's screening of "Brokeback Mountain" for inmates. They also are not happy with movies depicting violence against correctional staff.

Given that prisons have much higher rates of homosexual behavior than society, surely such a progressive audience would have appreciated a film depicting its lifestyle choice.

But in the First in the Nation state of Massachusetts, the first to allow gay marriage, it appears the state is trying its best to prevent such unions of holy matrimony from forming in its facilities.

A spokeswoman for the prison system, trying to prevent a left-wing backlash (probably won't work), insists it's not the gay theme, but rather the "graphic nature" of the sex scenes. Perhaps a movie about a prison riot would be acceptable if the prisoners only discussed killing the guards.