"If We Publish It, We Die. It's That Simple"

March 10th, 2006 10:10 AM
Mexican smugglers into the U.S. have found a good way to silence newspapers and keep them from reporting on their wrongful acts: threaten them with death. (It's not clear how the Democrats do it.)

In the border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (Laredo is on the U.S. side across the Rio Grande) two state police were shot by border smugglers in the town close to the crucial I-35 corridor that goes from Mexico to Canada.

All the local papers received threats and decided to shun the story. The deaths received less than 200 words buried in each paper.

"The reality is that we're in a situation where there is no freedom to publish," said one anonymous editor to the San Antonio Express-News. "When all of the papers are (burying) it in the same way, something is going on."

"If we publish it, we die. It's that simple," the editor said. "The bottom line is that we have to protect the safety of all our reporters and their families."

Journalists in the national media are afraid to report on illegal immigration, but their fear is that reporting on such a "bigoted" issue will ruin one's reputation among the enlightened, "intellectual" crowd.