"Stupid" CNN Trashes Ann Coulter

CNN decided to try an original take on news of Ann Coulter being heckled by liberal students at the University of Connecticut.

The AP headline that originally said "Hecklers Cause Coulter to Cut UConn Speech" was turned into "Ann Coulter to audience: You're stupider than I am."

In response to the heckling, Coulter had said, "I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am."

Her remark was seized upon to make it appear Coulter was the one at fault for the incident. Not only that, the loaded CNN headline makes it look like she insulted the entire audience, not just the few enlightened progressives making a fuss.

To accompany the new headline was a poll question: "Who is stupider?"

Instead of her remark to the hecklers, the folks at CNN probably think she should have taken her lumps and remained silent, or better yet, changed her ways.

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