ABC/CBS/NBC Spend Only 59 Seconds on Weiss Testimony, Devote 15 Minutes to Pandas

November 8th, 2023 2:26 PM

On Tuesday, the lead prosecutor in the Hunter Biden investigation Special Counsel David Weiss delivered a closed-door testimony to Congress but you wouldn’t know it if you only got your news from ABC and CBS…or if you just blinked while watching NBC.  

That’s right. The only network (ABC,CBS,NBC) mention of the Weiss testimony came in a 59-second brief aired on the November 7 edition of NBC Nightly News

None of the network morning shows (ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS Mornings, NBC’s Today/NBC’s Today 3rd Hour) on Wednesday mentioned Weiss’s appearance before Congress. 

However, all three of the morning shows DID find time to cover the departure of the giant pandas from the National Zoo — devoting 15 minutes, 21 seconds to the furballs’ flight back to China. 

On November 7, The Daily Mail reported on the significance of Weiss’s testimony: 

Special Counsel David Weiss says he has always been the sole decision-maker in the Hunter Biden investigation despite not being granted ‘special attorney’ status when he first requested it. 

Weiss — the U.S. Attorney for Delaware and lead prosecutor in the federal criminal probe into Hunter — said he was never blocked from bringing charges against the president’s son at any point in his investigation, which began in 2018.

But House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said Weiss revealed during a closed-door interview in Congress Tuesday that he sought ‘special attorney’ status in the spring of 2022 and was denied by DOJ.

‘That’s the key takeaway,’ Jordan said to reporters staking out the closed-door meeting. ‘He won’t answer a whole lot of questions.’‘He requested it, was not given that request and never had that authority throughout the time and yet he pretends that somehow he did have that,’ Jordan continued.

Special attorney status would have allowed Weiss to bring charges against Hunter in other states outside of Delaware, his jurisdiction. Special counsel is one step above, giving him the ultimate authority in the case. 

The (almost) complete shutout of the Weiss testimony continues the continuing censorship of Biden family scandals, as thoroughly documented by NewsBusters

The following is the ONLY network mention of Weiss’s Tuesday appearance: 

Nightly News
November 7, 2023


LESTER HOLT: On Capitol Hill today, the special counsel investigating the President’s son Hunter Biden testifying before a House committee behind closed doors. Ryan Nobles joins us now from Washington. Ryan, why was this appearance so important? 

RYAN NOBLES: Well, Lester, David Weiss’s appearance was unprecedented. A special counsel has never before appeared before a congressional committee in the midst of an investigation. And it comes during a time where two IRS whistle-blowers testified that Weiss was prevented from bringing charges against Hunter Biden. But under oath, Weiss made it clear that, that wasn’t the case, saying, quote, “At no time was I blocked or otherwise prevented from pursuing charges or taking the steps necessary in the investigation.” Now Republicans were frustrated that Weiss would not answer questions specifically related to the investigation itself. Now this testimony comes at a time where Republicans are ramping up their impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Both Hunter and the President’s brother James are expected to receive subpoenas some time this week. Lester?