Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak Mocks Michael Bloomberg's NYC Nanny State

May 2nd, 2013 5:50 PM

Wheel of Fortune host and 2007 MRC Dishonors Awards accepter Pat Sajak, on a recent episode, mocked New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's nanny-statism by taking a drink from a large cup. The NYC audience greeted the gag with laughter.

After he took a swig from the drink Sajak remarked: "You know I made an important discovery, cola is actually better with transfats in it." (video after the jump)

Sajak later told Human Events, "Not much to say. It was Monday night on Wheel, our first night of four weeks at Madison Square Garden in New York. Not sure why everyone laughed; I was just thirsty."

(H/T) Human Events