Overconfident Alec Baldwin Boasts: Obama Win is 'In the Bag!'

Alec Baldwin is figuratively spiking the football before crossing the endzone. The liberal actor popped up on Tuesday’s edition of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to brag about Barack Obama’s chances of victory as he claimed that Republicans are “getting scared” and boasted that the President’s victory is all but “in the bag.” The 30 Rock star also acted as if he had an insight into the inner workings of the GOP as he asserted: “They know it’s not looking good for them.” (video after the jump)

The following exchange was aired on the May 1, 2012 edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Alec, in 2007 the man [Mitt Romney] runs for president. He hears President, then Senator Barack Obama say, “If necessary I will violate Pakistan’s sovereignty in order to get Osama Bin Laden.” Romney says, “Oh can’t do that, can’t do that.” Today? He stands there at a New York City fire station says, “Oh I would’ve done exactly the same thing.”

ALEC BALDWIN: Well, you know, things for these guys aren’t going that well. You know the, the economy may stumble. It probably won’t stumble that badly between now and the election. For those people who look at these very handy benchmarks like the Dow, the Dow is still staying pretty well above 13,000. Which that kind of crowd of Romney’s really, really goes for. It’s the anniversary of this president getting Osama Bin Laden. And I think that the Republicans, I think that Romney, these guys are really, really getting scared. They really, they thought to themselves, after a tough primary -  and they spent a lot of money on a bloody primary. It’s been a very ugly primary. I was one of the people that said very quickly that all Obama needs to do for the first month of the general election is just show clips of [Newt] Gingrich’s remarks about Romney. Just keep showing clips of Gingrich talking about Romney, in order to really, really get people off that.

O'DONNELL: And then Santorum’s...

BALDWIN: All of them. But Gingrich on Romney, alone, was like, was like, was like Wagner. And the, the - but, but my point is it’s just these guys are getting scared. They know that it’s not looking good for them. And I think that they’re, they’re sensing now that it's, they’re really gonna focus on the, the congressional races and the - Obama it’s starting to look like he has it in the bag.

A little bit later on in the segment O'Donnell depicted the GOP primary field as a bunch of warmongers:

BALDWIN: For me the most important thing is that Obama shows up. He, he stealthily goes into Afghanistan here. And on this anniversary he talks about peace. He’s talking about peace. And I’ll tell you one thing. If you play all these Republican debates - and they had more debates than there are, you know, games in the NBA season. These guys had debate after debate. You never heard them once, you never once heard the word “peace” mentioned. And what I’m, what I’m proudest of and whether the guy was a Republican or a Democrat -- he happens to be a Democrat now – is we’re back to talking about the language of peace. Which I think is very important for the United States and for the world. 

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