CNN's Gloria Borger: 'The Guys Are Ganging Up on Hillary Clinton!'

So much for feminism. On the syndicated "Chris Matthews Show" this weekend, CNN's senior political analyst, Gloria Borger admitted she felt like Hillary Clinton was being ganged up on by "the guys." During a discussion about how female voters in New Hampshire reacted to Hillary Clinton being criticized by her political opponents, Borger seemed to undercut the whole concept of women wanting to be treated as equals, in effect saying, sometimes you just can't pick on the girl.

The following exchange occurred on the January 13, edition of "The Chris Matthews Show":

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I want the two women to talk about this. This is a time of exposed nerves. I know so many women who read the papers, keep up with events as much as all of us do who have very complicated feelings about her, and not necessarily positive, yet in the maelstrom of this past weekend in New Hampshire, they began to say, "You guys are killing this woman, stop it."

GLORIA BORGER, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Women feel like everyone else, that they've known Hillary for a long time. And they have opinions about her, and a lot of women don't like Hillary Clinton. But at that debate when John Edwards decided to team up with Barack Obama and hit her and say, you know, and criticize her together and gang up on her, which they did.

MATTHEWS: You felt that?

BORGER: I thought, whoa, the guys are ganging up on Hillary Clinton!

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