Today's "Naked" Bias": America "Unhealthiest Nation in the World"

It turns out not even the cooking segments on Today are free from liberalism. All this week NBC's Today has featured England's own "Naked Chef," Jamie Oliver, teaching parents how to prepare healthier meals for their children. On Thursday's segment Oliver joined the Today show cast in studio to prepare some healthy meals and cooked up some bias with his own distinct British flavor. The following is just a morsel of Today's Daily Recommended Allowance of liberal bias:

Matt Lauer: "This is so important to you, I know."

Jamie Oliver: "Very important."

Lauer: "You spend so much of your time and energy over in the UK helping kids with their school lunches and I know you want to kinda spread that message around."

Oliver: "Definitely. I mean I think what, what I've always come and worked in America a lot and what we've achieved in England over the last couple of years is standards, laws. I mean, literally two days ago, laws were put in place to ban all the junk in the vending machines. Not let the processed foods in."

Couric: "Sodas, right?"


Katie Couric: "So what should parents do if they not only want to pack healthy lunches but they want schools to provide healthier lunches?"

Jamie Oliver: "Okay here's the message because we've got massive problems in America here. If you're a parent in a school and you're unhappy please, two things.

Lauer, directing Oliver to the camera: "Tell that to the parents over there."

Oliver, into the camera: "Phone up your head teacher. Phone up, phone up your head teacher. Phone up your head teacher. Three schools and a large school can make a Hell of a lot of difference, believe me it's true. Also phone up your local area or district that controls the schools and phone up and say, what is this stuff? I mean literally if you open up the yogurts they're luminous. If you look at the drinks they're full of e-numbers and stuff."

Couric: "What are e-numbers?"

Oliver: "All the additives, preservatives, e-numbers all of that stuff. What I'd love to see in America is some standards put in place where, you know, the unhealthiest nation in the world..."

Couric: "And maybe start a petition."

Oliver: "...can have some, some. These things you can't have in our schools for our kids and real food you can. So..."

Lauer: "What about money? Does it cost more?"

Oliver: "Of course it does."

Lauer: "Okay."

Oliver: "And, and you know unfortunately Mr. Bush has been getting away with it for many years like Mr. Blair so, you know really."

Lauer: "Well but for a lot of other presidents as well. This is not a brand new problem."

Couric: "Yeah I was gonna say, President Clinton. I mean this, yeah."

Oliver, who apparently missed the point of George Orwell's 1984: "Oh yes and the priority of kids and nutrition and having Big Brother, you know the government, caring for our kids at school is so important because you know this will be the first generation where the kids have to actually teach the parents."

Couric: "Right."

Oliver: "Like in England we have, we're standing side by side again in this, this time."

Lauer: "We're gonna turn you loose on a school district over here."

Oliver: "I'd love that."

Lauer: "We're, we're gonna do that."

Apparently Today's own domestic brand of bias wasn't enough now they've begun serving up an imported version.