Today Show Funny: Bill Clinton's Wardrobe = Trustworthiness

August 11th, 2005 3:22 PM

No bias directly from Al Roker this morning but he did let a guest's guffaw-inducing remark pass without comment. Esquire's Fashion Director Nick Sullivan was on to promote his magazine's Second Annual Best Dressed List. At approximately 9:40am this morning Roker asked Sullivan about one of the winners, Bill Clinton:

Al Roker: "When it comes to fashion what can we learn from somebody like, like Bill Clinton?"

Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director for Esquire: "Well Bill is one of those politicians that, politicians fall into two camps. Either they dress so that nothing about them gets noticed because they don't want to detract from it or they dress in a quietly elegant way which underlines their trustworthiness if you like. This is true of Kofi Annan and it's true of Bill and it's true of Tony Blair who made the list last year. There's something about it that's, that says, 'I'm serious about business.'"

Never mind the plethora of scandals in his years at the White House or the UN for Food Scandal in the case of Kofi Annan just look at how smart and snappy Bill and Kofi've gotta trust 'em!