BMI’s Dan Gainor Makes First Appearance on New Fox Business Channel

October 18th, 2007 4:20 PM

Dan Gainor, director of the MRC’s Business & Media Institute, appeared today on the new Fox Business channel. During the 3 o’clock hour of ‘Fox Business Live,’ Gainor contributed to the discussion of the media’s recent economic coverage on a segment called ‘Blasting Biz .’

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Black Monday, Live’s anchor, David Asman, probed Gainor on why, despite a rising stock market, networks are still reporting all the bad news.

Video (2:01): Real (3.31 MB) and Windows (7.27 MB), plus MP3 audio (945 kB).

“It’s not like the economists I talked to are saying everything is great news, they’re just saying there are two sides, two ways to look at what’s going on in the economy. And then you look at the networks and it’s one way,” responded Gainor.

The segment lasted about ten minutes. It also included a panel discussion about recent allegations by the SEC against Countrywide Financial CEO, Angelo Mozilo for his recent sale of his stock in the company.