Title Problems At The Los Angeles Times? Haditha Is "The Iraqi My Lai"

Forget the forthcoming report. Forget any trials. It appears that the Los Angeles Times has already reached its verdict on Haditha. The title of an editorial today (Wed. May 31, 2006) in the "print edition" at latimes.com is entitled, "What happened at the Iraqi My Lai?"

However, the exact same editorial appears under a different title in the actual print copy of the paper. Paper readers saw a more tame headline: "Duty, honor, investigation." (Yawn.)

Which title came first? Hmmm.

(The same thing happened today also with Daniel Jonah Goldhagen's op-ed. At latimes.com, viewers see , "The Holocaust wasn't Christian." In the actual hard copy of the paper, the title is, "Benedict's sin of omission.")


By the way, the Times' headline echoes a May 28, 2006, Chicago Sun-Times headline, "U.S. braces for 'Iraq's My Lai'", by Robert H. Reid.

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