George Carlin: "Rich White Men Don't Care About Poor Black People"

"Entertainer" George Carlin was a panelist on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher this past Friday September 9, 2005.

The panel was discussing the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Carlin said this (audiotape on file) (emphasis mine):

CARLIN: "It shouldn't be a surprise that rich white men don't care about poor black people. Period."

Gee. The last time I checked, Carlin had sold several successful comedy albums, toured the country many times, and had appeared in scores of television and movie projects. And he's white. Wouldn't that qualify him as a "rich ... white ... man"??

So, George, would your own remark apply also to yourself?

Host Bill Maher then followed Carlin's insanity by relaying something a "friend of [mine] who lives in New Orleans [who] is black" had said,

MAHER: "She said, 'After 9-11, I was American. Now I'm back to being black.'

(Maher speaking for himself) "And I think among the feathers in George Bush's resume is that I think he has lost a whole generation of black people."

Big hat tip to Larry Elder. His response sums this up nicely: (Slowly, with distaste) "For cryin' ... out ... loud."

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