Bill O'Reilly Fights Lies ... and Wins!

        Fox News' Bill O'Reilly has been busy recently zapping major newspapers for publishing misleading or false information.

        Last week, O'Reilly correctly noted that the Baltimore Sun, in this August 10, 2005, article, which called on President Bush to meet with Cindy Sheehan, failed to mention the fact that the President had already met with her before, in June 2004! (By the way, this August 6, 2005, CBSNews/AP article and this August 7, 2005, New York Times article did the similar thing by not mentioning that Sheehan had already met with the President.)

        In addition, O'Reilly was the object of smears by the New York Times (in this Aug. 13, 2005, article) and the San Francisco Chronicle (in this August 16, 2005, article), which claimed that he had either called Cindy Sheehan "treasonous" (NY Times) or implied it (San Fran Chron). O'Reilly never said or implied such a thing, and both newspapers issued corrections: NYTimes correction / SanFran Chron correction.

        The truth ... In an August 9, 2005, O'Reilly Factor discussion that touched on the topic of support for Sheehan on Michael Moore's web site, O'Reilly remarked, "I think Ms. Sheehan bears some responsibility for this [her connection with Moore], and also for the responsibility of other American families who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq, who feel that this kind of behavior borders on treasonous."

        Fighting lies with facts ... gotta love it!

Associated Press