Dobbs Calls MSNBC’s Ratigan ‘Insane and Inane’

In a July 9 post on, Dobbs let fly bashing the staff at his one-time competitor for "two gems that can't be ignored."

"MSNBC guest anchor Cenk Uygur filled in for the equally insane and inane Dylan Ratigan and pushed the crazy idea that President Obama is a conservative," he wrote. The video of the segment is all there because Dobbs embedded it from the Media Research Center.

Dobbs, who still has a talk radio show, then went on to criticize Uygur's twisted logic that, Uygur's words Obama "seems to have bought into the Republican talking point on deficits."

Then he went on criticize "the old-standby, Mr. Tingle Up His Leg Chris Matthews" for saying there are only two camps in the nation - "those who want things to improve and those who want to see the country, and therefore the president, fail."

Dobbs summed it up with a good question: "How can anyone watch this nonsense?"

Dobbs, you may recall, was pushed out by CNN for his own opinionated statements that ran counter to lefty orthodoxy on immigration especially.

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