MSNBC’s Reid, Steele: Stefanik Is Human Feces Swimming in Trump’s ‘Gold Toilet’

May 6th, 2021 10:08 PM

MSNBC’s The ReidOut has had quite the week, going from hating trans Republicans on Tuesday to being pro-al-Qaeda on Wednesday to Thursday’s declaration of being a pro-toilet humor show. This new development came thanks to host Joy Reid and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele joking that Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was human feces who was treating Donald Trump’s “gold toilet” at the RNC like “it’s a pool.”

Reid led off the show by lamenting reports that Stefanik could take the spot of Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) in House Republican leadership and then trashing her as a raging conspiracy theorist.



She then brought in Steele and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson as reinforcements and after going through some of the Republicans she had worked for as a staffer and her voting record, Reid chuckled: “So she is — she is as much defrauding Republican, Trumpy voters as [Steve] Bannon was accused of, right?”

Steele replied with the fairly-routine quip about someone being “full of crap”: “[T]he question is was she full of crap then when she was hanging out in Bush world and — and — and Romney world? Or is she full of crap now? I don't know.”

Again, fairly standard. 

But Reid and Steele then took things to a whole other level by talking about Stefanik as feces in a Trump “toilet” and leaving it clogged without “a plunger around” (click “expand”)

STEELE: So either way, crap is crap and it is the best reflection of where the GOP is right now, as they are about to knock out a principled woman for crap and I think we need to be honest about what it is. Donald Trump brought the gold toilet into the RNC, into the party, and everyone is — thinks it's a pool. [REID LAUGHS] [ROBINSON LAUGHS] And they're just diving in. 

REID: And here’s the thing.

STEELE: They're just diving in. 

REID: But I mean, Eugene, they're diving in, and the poop toilet is full. It's not like they’re diving in and it's empty. [ROBINSON LAUGHS] It's full. 

STEELE: And there ain't a plunger around. 

REID: No plunger. 

ROBINSON: So I'm going to switch metaphors, okay? [LAUGHS]  

REID: Please do. Save us from ourselves. 

ROBINSON: I don't — I don’t know where we go if we take it any further. 

Robinson dialed things back from the juvenile and partisan to simply partisan as he offered a cyclical, tiresome take about how the GOP was devoid of any policy positions (besides the false claims about the 2020 election being stolen) and that it’s on the verge of irrelevancy.

“This party has gone off the rails. Yes, it's gone into the toilet, wherever you want to say it's gone, it's gone. And no one should be optimistic about this party in the — in the foreseeable future, because I think this is where it's stuck,” he added.

After a brief aside on the January 6 insurrection, Reid and company ended the segment with another leftist trope, which was the only way Republicans win elections was by stealing them (primarily through redistricting) and will stop at nothing to ensure not one non-white person votes.

Steele, who’s apparently a possible Maryland gubernatorial candidate, said that the GOP would “white it up as much as possible” if they ever gained more power in Washington (click “expand”):

REID: Eugene, the thing that scares a lot of Democrats is that despite how ludicrous and freakish the Republican Party has become — 


REID: — because of gerrymandering and because of the census and the way it turned out and people not turning it in, et cetera, this actually could work, right? 

ROBINSON: Oh, absolutely. 

REID: They could — they could acquire power without having done anything other than behave as a freakish rump of what a party is supposed to look like, and then what? 

ROBINSON: Well, and then what? And I hope we don't find out, but we may find out. I mean, you add gerrymandering and whatever gerrymandering is done because of the census — not that there isn’t already a lot in favor of Republicans, but you also add history. Add the fact that in the first midterm election after a new president, the other party generally picks up seats in Congress. Now, you know, there are historical exceptions to that. George Bush after 9/11 in his first midterm, he — he — the Republican Party gained seats. And — and Joe Biden and the Democrats have to try to make this, you know, the post-pandemic midterm like the post-9/11 midterm and try to gain seats and they're fighting history. This is serious, because as you said, then what? What if this, this — this Republican Party, this shell of a party actually — actually obtains any measure of power right now. It would be awful to the country, just objectively awful for the country. 

REID: It's hard for me to imagine what that even looks like, Michael, but can you discern as a Republican, what is it that they would want to do if they got power? Because all they seem to want to do right now is fall on their knees and worship Donald Trump. So let's say they get power. What is it that they want to do? What are they going to do to us? 

STEELE: White it up as much as possible. You know, most people say light it up. No, they just white it up as much as possible. I mean, it’s —

REID: Basically hold power forev — essentially just lock people of color out of being able to vote.

STEELE: Hold power — I think you got a sense and a glimpse of it during the four years of Donald Trump of what an extended, unchecked, unfettered power base would look like in this iteration of the party. You, the three of us, persona definitely non grata. 

REID: Persona non grata, yeah.

The former Lincoln Project advisor concluded with lazy rhetoric, engaging in call and response with Reid about how the GOP currently lacks and would never come up with policies on issues like the economy, health care, and infrastructure, but instead solely focus on passing tax cuts for the rich.

In other words, Steele didn’t sound like someone who actually cares about the future of the GOP.

Reid went to break with yet another dig at Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), a man whom she has developed quite the vendetta against: “Somebody call Joe Manchin, because literally, it's shots and checks on the one side and just a freak show on the other side. I don't — I don’t know what else it's going to be.”

This juvenile toilet humor that would have drawn outrage on MSNBC if Fox had said this about a female Democrat was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as CarShield, Discover, and Fidelity. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.