Tucker Decries ‘Ominous Moment’ as Big Media, Tech Peddle ‘Store-Brand Propaganda’

October 21st, 2020 7:06 PM

During his opening monologue on the Fox News Channel Tuesday, Tucker Carlson disemboweled the liberal media and their purposeful and shameful dismissal and spin concerning the New York Post reporting about Hunter Biden. 

But as Carlson noted, their behavior and coordination with the intelligence community and tech companies have made clear they’re “destroy[ing]” “our core institutions” during this “ominous moment” to ensure they return to power and keep it that way.



After lambasting CNN and MSNBC darling, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) as a “child posing as a senator,” “a coward,” and “a liar,” Carlson noted how former intel officials-turned-cable news analysts like John Brennan and James Clapper have insisted that the Hunter Biden reporting predicting it’s a Russian disinformation campaign.

Carlson continued, laying out the stakes before playing (and then mocking) a clip of NBC’s Ken Dilanian parroting the left’s dismissals (click “expand”):

CARLSON: This is an ominous moment, when every power center in the nation that includes Big Tech, Big Media, the finance establishments, the federal spy agencies, when every power center aligns behind the common political goal, you have a very dangerous axis that is far too much power concentrated in one place. Normal people will inevitably be crushed, and they are being crushed. But that's okay, the media tell us. They deserve to be crushed, because anyone interested in learning more about the e-mails in Hunter Biden's laptop is effectively colluding with the Russians.

DILANIAN [on MSNBC Live with Katy Tur, 10/19/20]: It just lacks credibility and the fact that it appeared in the New York Post and that they chose to report on it extensively, sort of says a lot about where we are in 2020, as opposed to 2016 when a lot of news organizations reported on e-mails that had been hacked by the Russians, Democratic e-mails and then leaked, and they were newsworthy, and people reported on them. We're in a much different situation now because we now know that Russian disinformation or foreign disinformation or even this, you know, campaign disinformation, period, is as dangerous to our democracy as anything exposed in these e-mails.

CARLSON: That's almost unbelievable. That guy you just saw who’s the NBC News intelligence analyst or reporter or whatever, some name, he was caught, and you can look it up and you should look it up — he was caught sending his stories to the CIA for approval before running them. He’s working for the CIA and posing as a journalist. That's true. 

The FNC host observed that these people weren’t saying the emails are fake, but were screaming about Russia as a way of shutting down discussion about the emails.

By doing so, Carlson stated that this has shown that they know the Hunter e-mails and hard drive are real, seeing as how “Hunter Biden signed for it” at the Delaware IT repair shop and “[h]is lawyer asked for it back.”

And reacting to a clip of Zuckerville residents Brianna Keilar and Brian Stelter dismissing any and all developments on Monday as a right-wing hit job, Carlson brought up the fact that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has said there’s no evidence the laptop was a Russian operation.

“What we've told you from day one, we've seen a lot of them. They're real. Now you may not think they're a big deal. You could make that argument, but they're real. The Russians didn't do this,” he added.

Carlson concluded out CNN for engaging in “store-brand propaganda” and unsophisticated and then laid out the massive stakes before the American people (click “expand”):

WOLF BLITZER [on CNN’s The Situation Room, 10/19/20]: Director Ratcliffe said there's no Intelligence — his words — no intelligence that would indicate that this smear against Hunter Biden is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Last week, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, told me exactly the opposite. So how much stock do you put in to what the Director of National Intelligence is now saying?

CONGRESSMAN JIM HIMES (D-CT) [on CNN’s The Situation Room, 10/19/20]: Well, not a lot. Not a lot, Wolf, because, you know, sadly, Mr. Radcliffe, who used to be one of my colleagues has demonstrated that his interest is largely in supporting the President and the President's political fortunes.

CARLSON: So we could parse the clip we just played, but honestly, why bother? It's too stupid to analyze. There's nothing sophisticated or interesting about this. It's store brand propaganda, the generic variety. They are not even trying to convince you, the Russians did it. They don't believe themselves, obviously. And they don't really care if you believe it, either. They just want you to stop talking about the New York Post story for the next two weeks, while it still matters. So Trump can lose, and maybe that will work, we don't know. But we're also going to live here when the smoke clears. And what then? In the mad scramble to unseat the President, our core institutions are being destroyed. A free press, fair elections, spy agencies that won't turn their dark arts on the public, all of that is disappearing. We should be very concerned about that, and we should fight to get those institutions back no matter what you think of Trump.

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FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tonight
October 20, 2020
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