Insanity: Here Are Six Nutty Things You Missed from MSNBC's Late-Night SOTU Coverage



4. Panel Laugh at Danger of MS-13, People Being ‘Terrified that MS-13 Is Going to Attack Them’

Seconds after Reid’s morbid take, she joined Matthews and Reagan in devilishly giggling about Americans being fearful of falling victim to MS-13 burning, castrating, cutting, or raping someone to death.  

“I mean, he sounded like a president from the past and then the second half of the speech was how all immigrants are murderers and he needs to stop them from coming into the country through family migration. It was a bizarre, two-part speech,” Reid stated.

Matthews was right on board, fretting that he tried to bring people together but “was cloaking his darker purposes” by using “a lot of candy coating of the speech tonight” to drive home the argument that “we hate the god damn North Koreans and we hate the drug dealers and we hate that the people they come from.”

Regan interjected to make a fallacy that the President argued “[i]mmigrants are all MS-13 members” and thus “I'm sure everybody is, you know, going home tonight terrified that MS-13 is going to attack them on the way home.”

It was there that all three burst out laughing at Reagan’s claim before the son of the former President concluded: “As Joy said, really, who runs into these people? I'm not saying that they don't exist. But it's not exactly a national scourge here.”

Sorry, Ron, but I’d bet that the families at the State of the Union last night and in stories like this one would beg to differ.

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