Insanity: Here Are Six Nutty Things You Missed from MSNBC's Late-Night SOTU Coverage



2. Reagan: ‘Odd Watching’ SOTU by Trump Since He’s ‘Actively Betraying the Country’

Around the 12:53 a.m. Eastern mark, MSNBC political analyst Ron Reagan lost his mind in declaring that he had “an odd feeling watching this speech” because he can’t “remember a time when you would watch a State of the Union address being delivered by a President who is, I guess you could say, actively betraying the country and I don’t think those are — those are too strong words.”

This was in reference to Trump’s supposed, definitive, treasonous collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. He added that, despite having zero evidence, the Russians are already interfering in the 2018 midterm elections. If Democrats win in a landslide, I wonder if Reagan will be singing the same tune.

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