Disgraced Reuters Photographer Made Saturday's NY Times Front Page

Disgraced Reuters freelance photographer Adnan Hajj was dismissed by the wire service for altering a photograph of a Lebanese skyline to make the damage caused by Israel look worse (big hat tip to Charles Johnston at Little Green Footballs, who first uncovered the fake photo). More photos by Hajj are being scrutinized, and at least one other photo has been proven to have been digitally altered.

But before his disgrace, Hajj made the front page, above-the-fold, of Saturday’s New York Times with a photo of what the picture caption claims is a "wounded civilian" (but with Hajj we can no longer be sure).

The Times has used him in the past as well.

Now the question is: Will the Times check the validity of previous work by Hajj that has appeared within its pages?

For more New York Times bias, visit TimesWatch.

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