Vogue Fawns Over Lena Dunham, Ignores Low Ratings for 'Girls'

The "new queen of comedy" barely draws a crowd on her signature HBO series Girls.

Lena Dunham earned the dubious title all the same from Vogue magazine, which put the actress on the cover of its latest issue. Dunham's feminist bona fides, her video boosting President Barack Obama's 2012 reelection bid and unabashed support for liberal causes is trumping the reality of her accomplishments. HBO just greenlit the fourth season of her sexually charged series even though season three just began to middling ratings.

Tina Fey also gets the media's full attention despite chronically weak ratings for her NBC series 30 Rock. Fey's impression of Gov. Sarah Palin, however, earned the comic actress plenty of good will among media elites.

Melissa McCarthy, who stole the smash hit Bridesmaids and turned Identity Thief and The Heat into box office winners, might have something to say about Dunham's "queen" title. Then again, magazine scribes and audiences alike have no clue as to how McCarthy votes or what causes she supports.

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