'Hating Breitbart' Hits Theaters October 12

September 27th, 2012 6:20 AM

The late Andrew Breitbart wouldn't be surprised to learn 2012 was the year conservative films finally broke through.

He had a way of predicting media trends, sensing the Web-based technological revolution would let conservatives have a louder voice in the marketplace of ideas.

Breitbart is a critical part of that wave even after his passing. First, he lent his energies to "Occupy Unmasked," last week's hit documentary exposing the forces behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Now, the camera is being trained on the Happy Warrior himself.

"Hating Breitbart," a feature-length documentary focusing on the conservative icon, opens Oct. 12 with exclusive engagements in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas and Washington, D.C.

Written and directed by award-winning independent filmmaker Andrew Marcus, the film explores two years in the life of the man who achieved national attention by upending the traditional press while finding himself the target of a media feeding frenzy. Marcus was given behind-the-scenes access to Breitbart during his various high-profile and often contentious battles with the media - from the release of the explosive ACORN videos through the Anthony Weiner scandal.

The film's release comes on the heels of two successful, right-leaning documentaries - "Occupy Unmasked" and "2016: Obama's America." "Hating Breitbart" is being distributed by the folks behind "2016."

"The success of those films prove that there's a hungry market for counter-narrative films, stories that appeal to a center-right demographic that Hollywood tends to ignore," Marcus tells Big Hollywood. "The success of 'Occupy Unmasked' and '2016' and, hopefully, 'Hating Breitbart' shows that the progressive monopoly on the narrative is dying in Hollywood just as it has died in newsrooms across the country. Andrew Breitbart predicted this would happen, and it appears that he is being proven correct."

Marcus credits "the digitization of the theatrical distribution process" for part of the change.

"The barriers to entry have been irreversibly lowered thanks to digital distribution and projection. Andrew Breitbart was known to have said, 'The media class is the wall that we need to climb over in order for our voices to be heard.' Andrew Breitbart was a master in the art of identifying the media's narrative wall, and defeating it in order to tell the stories that were being ignored."