Van Susteren Does the Right Thing Regarding Misogynist Louis C.K.

March 9th, 2012 10:59 PM

A couple of years ago, “comedian” Louis CK “joked” on the Opie and Anthony radio show about Palin coming to the Republican convention “holding a baby that just came out of her f-ing, disgusting [C-word], her f-ing retard-making [C-word].”

Last night, I emailed letters to all the female anchors and on air TV correspondents at all broadcast and cable broadcast networks, numbering more than 60, asking them if they “stand behind the association's decision to give Louis C.K. an endorsement and give him the honor of sharing the stage with the President of the United States given his vile remarks – never even apologizing or even acknowledging he was wrong?”

I wrote similar language to the female journalists we reached out to, asking the following question: “If you are comfortable with the media reporting on Rush Limbaugh's comment -- and apology -- then you should have no problem calling for the Association which represents you to disinvite someone who has demeaned women in such an abhorrent way.”

Within approximately one hour of this email being sent out, Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren posted a blog using similar language calling for a boycott of the Association’s dinner. Susteren wrote in her blog: “Another pig….and a media association has hired the pig, Louis C.K., to be their headliner for the big media dinner? Really? I am not going. I refuse to go. Everyone in the media should join me in this boycott.”

Good for Greta. Due to this quick success, the hardcopy letters mailed out today have already served their purpose. Following Van Susteren's criticism, Louis C.K. has withdrawn from the Association's dinner.