MRC's Bozell Announces Launch of 'Tell the Truth! 2012' Campaign

Today I’m announcing that the Media Research Center, the largest media watchdog group in America, with over 500,000 members, is undertaking the largest effort in our 25 year history. Today we formally unveil our national "Tell the Truth! 2012" campaign.

The liberals dominating the national media have been doing their best to influence elections for years. It’s 2012 and already we have documented endless examples of the so-called news media covering up the failures of the Obama presidency and attacking every conservative presidential candidate one by one by one.

These attacks – just as we predicted – are not based on policy debates. They are personal, an onslaught of character assassination against anyone who dares to challenge Obama.

Then, something amazing happened in South Carolina last week. One of the candidates finally confronted the media on their blatant bias, and the American people stood up and cheered.

It’s time for Americans to take a stand, once and for all, against this leftist media. It’s time for Americans to stand up and declare, once and for all, that the leftwing so-called news media are no longer going to pick winners and losers. It’s time for Americans to demand of our news media that they return to the business of reporting – accurately, fairly, honestly.

Our "Tell the Truth! 2012" campaign is already underway. You have seen our signs – "Don’t Believe the Liberal Media" all over the campaign trail in recent weeks. In Iowa. New Hampshire. South Carolina. Now in Florida. It is not just MRC members that are taking to the streets with our signs, it’s grassroots activists everywhere, inundating our offices with requests.

"Tell the Truth! 2012" will have many, many components. Hundreds of thousands of "Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!" bumper stickers, signs and buttons will be distributed.  Billboards with our "Don’t Believe the Liberal Media" or "Tell the Truth! 2012" message will appear around the country. Ditto mobile billboards. There will be paid advertising, on television, on the radio, on the internet.

There will be the largest social media effort ever undertaken by conservatives, via Facebook, Twitter, email, and our own video platform, MRCTV, to spread the word. Over 1 million Americans will participate in this effort.

Over $3 million has been raised thus far. The total expenditures for "Tell the Truth! 2012" are projected to be over $5 million.

Our demand to the press is simple: Tell the truth. Be fair, honest, and honorable. The rules that pertain to one side must pertain to the other. No more efforts to elect one candidate and defeat the other. Those days are officially over.

In short, this is our message to the leftwing so-called news media: To the degree you try to tilt this election, we will be there – documenting, exposing, and neutralizing your efforts. The reason you are losing your audiences by the millions is because of your bias. You may continue, at your own peril.

Fasten your seat belts. We’re coming after you.


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