Brent Bozell: It's Time for Conservatives to Rally Around Sean Hannity

[The following message was originally posted on my Facebook page.]

I have said many times that the greatest opposition to the Left can be found in conservative talk radio and every major conservative talk show host should concern himself, or herself, with what inevitably will be ferocious personal attacks. Just ask Rush Limbaugh.

It was only a matter of time before Sean Hannity would find himself with a big, fat target on his forehead, too. Now that he is set to launch his new book, Conservative Victory, the left is going out of its way to smear him.

I have looked at the charges being brought against him. David Frum published an excellent analysis of these charges and concluded, as did I, that they were utterly bogus. That, of course, won't stop the Left. They are now taking these bogus charges and calling for IRS investigations.

Sean Hannity has raised millions of dollars to support the families of fallen heroes. He's criss-crossed the country countless times not just raising this money, but raising awareness for this noble cause. He's done it all for free. And more: He's donated, I'm told, hundreds of thousands of dollars personally to this cause.

It's time for conservatives to rally around this man. He is being attacked personally not just because he's trying to do something good for our military, but because he's got a message to tell America in this book, and the Left wants him stopped -- by any means necessary. We cannot allow them to succeed with this campaign of character assassination.

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