NBC Prime Time: ‘Wow, So You Actually Worked for Obama!?’

“Wow, so you actually worked for Obama on his campaign in 2008!?” So gushed “Kristina Braverman,” played by Monica Potter, on last week’s episode of NBC’s Parenthood, a prime time drama about the extended, three-generation Braverman family in suburban San Francisco. 

(A new episode airs tonight, Thursday, at 10 PM EDT/PDT, 9 PM CDT).

Another example of how Hollywood slips its political agenda into the shows it produces – a pretty obvious bit this time.

“Kristina Braverman” showed the enthusiasm for a job applicant she was interviewing to become campaign manager for her run for Mayor of Berkeley.

The woman confirmed: “Yeah, yeah, I worked out of the Chicago headquarters while I was getting my masters.”

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