ABC Wednesday Night: You’re ‘Huge and Loud’ – Just Like Rush Limbaugh

A gratuitous shot at Rush Limbaugh is coming in tonight’s (Wednesday) episode of ABC’s Modern Family sit-com.

In a promo clip played during the network’s post-debate coverage Tuesday evening, “Jay,” played by actor Ed O’Neill, tells a female character: “You’re huge and you’re loud. It’s like sleeping with Rush Limbaugh.”

Modern Family, which is an Emmy magnet, airs Wednesdays at 9 PM EDT/PDT, 8 PM CDT.

This insult reminded me of another cheap one against Limbaugh inserted into a 2007 episode of NBC’s Las Vegas: “It hotter than Rush Limbaugh’s scrotum in polyester pant!”

That came from a casino spa’s manicurist, an Asian character named “Polly” known for her racy sexual commentary, taking a yoga class. Her instructor warns her against drinking too much water, and the writers seemed to feel that the only way to accurately describe the heat in the room was to take a cheap political shot. The exchange:

TRAINER: If you drink any more water, Polly, you’re gonna throw up. Do you wanna throw up?

POLLY: No, but it hotter than Rush Limbaugh’s scrotum in polyester pant!

(Click on the image to play a short, small in file size wmv clip)

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